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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Foodgasm Fest 2015

So I haven't been blogging in  a while. Okay, a loooong while. Stopped blogging after I completed my internship as a content journalist.

Last week, the fellow editorial interns and I met up for Foodgasm fest - first time for me, second for them.

In the train on the way there, I saw a friend's post on Facebook saying that the venue is extremely muddy; don't wear your favorite shoes. 

SHIT. Too late. I was in my 2 day-old, birthday gift worth RM 379 Birkenstocks. Now now, don't judge, my Birkens are pretty, unlike the regular old-aunty designed birkens. Mine are holographic.
Pics next time when I'm not lazy lol.

Sure enough, when we got there, everything was a muddy mess. Like really muddy. Like squishy muddy. Like so muddy you'd think you'd find Timon and Pumba there. 

I had to save my shoes/sandals (anything but slippers-please don't call my baby slippers). So I resorted to this:
Style of the year baby

This got a few funny looks, but after an hour or so, I spotted a handful of people walking around like this too.  Yep, I'm the shoe condom pioneer.

So the mud problem was solved. Now, to soothe the hunger in our tummies. Unfortunately, this one, we cannot solve. Here's why:

and queue

queue somemore

People were even queuing to salvage what's left of their shoes
After typing the word queue so many times it starts to look like nonsense lol. So many queues I cannoottttt! And I was so so sooo hungry cos I skipped breakfast and lunch for this, trynna save tummy space for this fest :(

The only booths with acceptable queues were the ice-cream booths. So that was what we settled for.
Who says you can't have ice-cream for lunch?
Then it started raining. Tyler and I ran for cover into Amcorp Mall, and entertained ourselves (wait..this sounds wrong) there for an hour or so. Went back to the fest when the rain stopped and met up with Jodee there. The crowd at some booths were less crazy than before so we managed to ourselves some food. Yeayy!

Grilled lamb

Cheesy nachos!
I'm sorry I take bad food photos, but I assure you these tasted better than it looks haha. Then we stumbled upon this pretty interesting popsicle booth called Wonderpop. They don't have a website yet, but check out their Instagram at wonderpops.my.

Wonderpop: Mexican inspired popsicles with a twist!

Check out their menu!
Too bad the more unconventional flavours were sold out. I had to settle for pisang goreng cheese - banana milk based with pisang goreng bits. Tyler found the consistency a little too watery - I liked it just fine. The pisang goreng bits at the bottom of the popsicle were a little soggy though, I mean, obviously. I don't know what was I expecting lol. Uhmm if you're fine with having to chew soggy stuff when you get to the bottom of your popsicle, then you'll prolly like this. On a scale of 1-10(10 being uber awesome), I'm giving this a 6. 

And then there was the coconut shake which Jodee only bought for herself. Well, to be fair, Ty and I could not bring ourselves to bespatter our shoes with mud again just to get to the coconut shake booth, so we stole some of Jodee's instead. Mm-mmm, it was heaven. 

We decided to go home after that, cos it looked it was gonna start pouring again.  But we didn't leave before a few selfies.

All in all, I wouldn't say going there was a complete waste of time, it was just somewhat a waste of time lolol. Long queues, extremely uncomfortable ground to walk on, and overpriced food. The only enjoyable part was that trying to avoid the muddy areas with your friends can be rather amusing - in a sadistic game of Mario kinda way. 

Verdict: Spend your money in a cute hipster cafe instead. 

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