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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Orange Fever @ The ChatON Official Launch Party

What do you do when you need to talk your loved ones and you're out of mobile credit or your phone line's been barred because you were too busy to pay your bills? That's right, you text them via an instant message app! As for me, I use instant messaging apps even when I still have credit cos I'm too stingy to spend 15 cents on a text message haha. IM apps are lifesavers and the people at Samsung knows it because they have introduced their very own IM app. Well, to be specific, its more of a chat app. Why, you ask? Read on!

If you haven't already heard of ChatON(what, were you living under a rock?), it is a cross-platform mobile messaging app, which, in simpler terms, means that besides Samsung, ChatON is accessible to users of other smartphones as well. Currently, it is available on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and bada. This sunny-colored app is used in over 200 countries, in 62 languages.

The Samsung Mobilers Malaysia team and I were invited to the ChatON official launch party at The Butter Factory. Dress code for the day was orange! Not everyone's favorite color, but hey, YOLO right? XD
And and and, best dressed gets to take home a Samsung Galaxy S III Mini!

The venue. It was my first time here :) 
with the Mobilers. always-early Kent trynna be sexy Hawaiian Kent 

Once inside, we were greeted by an orange photobooth called fotobox. Super happy because camwhoring is my thing and this is like camwhoring but I don't have to hold my own camera haha. Plus we get to bring a hard copy of the photo  home! *happy*

> . <

Because one photo ain't enough. Teehee. And nope, we weren't drinking. That Carlsberg was a specially requested prop by yours truly *wink*

Anyways, the event went straight into the heat of things with the ChatON dancers, a group of beautiful girls decked out in orange. We were also introduced to the official ChatON mascot mid-dance! Chatty danced along with the girls to Psy's Gentleman, which got the crowd going.

Mother Father Gentleman! That's Chatty at the back!
Orange has never looked this sexy

Our very own fashionista Tyler was nominated for best dressed(why am I not surprised haha). Although he didn't win, I gotta give him brownie points for having the guts to catwalk and bust a move onstage IN FRONT OF EVERYONE including MYC senior staffs,fellow Malaysian bloggers and Samsung Malaysia's Vincent Chong plus many cameramen. If me confirm I try blend in with the stage backdrop lol. But then again I would never be nominated for best dressed la lolol. Besides, he only lost because there was a carrot-wearing, hip-thrusting guy. Ehem.

Go Tyler!

The best dressed nominees. Everyone took something home! Tyler got himself an extra bunch of Starbucks vouchers 
With the man of the moment

Our Deputy Chief Mobiler Denise and YEC Youyou took home a Galaxy S III Mini each, just by going up onstage in a pair. Omagawd *0*
Just look at those happy faces. Had I known that was the prize I would've pushed, pulled, killed my way up to the stage. Kicking myself for being such a party pooper at that time, preferring to sit my posterior on the couch in the club pffft

So, why ChatOn?

Enhanced Group Chat : allows you to add up to 200 friends in a group chat

Anicons : Oh-so-cute animated emoticons(yes,they move! *squeals*) to help you express yourself better
Animessage : create your OWN animated messages with YOUR drawings, texts, and audio
Trunk : Share all your photos and media files in box for convenient browsing

Look at all the templates,stamps,background,bubble styles and fonts just waiting to be dowloaded and used ! Uber cute!

The Trunk feature, where all your shared media files are auto-stored! No more scrollingscrollingscrolling back to look for previous files!

This is how my background looks. You can also see a very rude message from Ken haha

Very chat-friendly right? Fresh and cute too! Imma sucker for anything cute so they have definitely found a fan in me!

Extra extra!

A Starbucks fan? Add Starbucks as your 'Special Buddy' on ChatOn to score yourself promotions and special discounts! Opportunist me already did heheh.

Of course, an evening like this will not be complete without lotsa selcas with the mobilers and two of my favorite ex-interns! Photo time!

The Starbucks chilling truck. The baristas are as hiau as me - saw me taking a photo and posed for this lol
Dinner time!
A very hungry Jian Quan stuffed his face with food XD
The mobilers are a vain lot

Door gifts from Samsung, didn't know what to do with the stickers so..
...I stuck em on my photo! heee :)
With Jo Dee

and Tyler
My favorite picture of the night-The mobilers with Chatty! Pic creds to Gary(Great job, Gary!)
from left : Tyler, Kent, Jo Dee, Jian Quan 

If you haven't already downloaded and installed ChatON on your smartphone, do it NOW! Unless you like missing out on the latest trends....don't say no one told ya!

It was an overall exciting and informative night for us, thanks Samsung Malaysia for the fun. Gonna go get some shut eye now. XoXo.
Bedtime feat. my ChatOn cushion. Goodnight! :)

Another great opportunity as a Samsung Mobiler ;)
Log on to www.facebook.com/samsungmobiler to find out what it's all about!

All these great experiences and more, only as a Samsung Mobiler!

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