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Monday, April 08, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV : of Octacores and superAMOLEDs

OMG Samsung Galaxy S IV is going to hit the markets soon.

 I don't know when, but soon. And I am so stoked for it. I have been a Samsung fan ever since I got my hands on the S II and had no qualms about switching to the Samsung Galaxy S III almost immediately after it was released. After about a year of using it, I can tell you that I have no regrets in getting this phone. It is so so so worth it. The camera is super awesome and crystal clear in both natural lighting and indoor/ man-made lighting, and the front camera doesn't disappoint as well(eat your heart out, Apple users!).In fact, it's actually so clear that I have to edit my selca shots with filters so that I look more flawless lol.  I have no complains whatsoever about the S III and think that this is the smartest a smartphone can get.

  And then there is the S IV

Oh gosh.
I looked up on the specs, and it was all so... tempting? It looks a lot like the S III, but bigger and it makes me so happy cos it means more selcas and better gameplay experience. However, it has a slightly squarish look, much like the SII, but it also kept the rounded look of the SIII. I can't decide if it looks more like the S III or S II now wth. Its like they got together and made a baby.
                    This is how it looks like: look at that screen

It still uses the SuperAMOLED technology and has increased its resolution from 720x1280 to full HD 1080x1920.

Now, I know nil about processors but the S III runs on Samsung's own Exynos Quad core, which sounds very awesome cos I have only heard of dual core and none of my friends have quad core phones lol. But the new Galaxy S IV runs on Octacore and it will be the first smartphone to boast an 8-core chip. Rare huh?

Here's my favorite part : S IV's camera is 13 mp.  And the front camera is 2.1 mp (Iphone 5 is only 1.2 mp and the image quality sucks anyway lol). You can also now record a video in Full HD 1080 rather than 720p. This is a dream come true for all vainpots/ youtube star wannabe <3

This will certainly be one of the highlights in 2013 for me. Will someone be sweet enough to get it for me?
 My birthday's on the 22nd October. I don't mind if its not wrapped. Thanks in advance :)

All these great experiences and more, only as a Samsung Mobiler!

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