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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Rainbow hair!

I finally got my hair done with rainbow colors! Had wanted to do it a long time ago but didn't have the time and resources (ehem, money). Also because I got bored of my colourless hair and my bangs grew out into something so horrible looking.And because I feel so jealous looking at people's multi-coloured hair on tumblr. Anyway, photos!

Transformation of my hair in one year *cues money flying away from wallet*

Decided to go back to black and bangs after all the coloring. My friend joked I look more Cina now thats why can get Chinese boyfriend wtf

An old camho shot with the bangs. Meet my gay friend Ken!

In the process of getting Unicorn vomit hair!

After 3 hours of chemical burn
                         Done! But you can't really see the colour here cos he frickin curled my hair like ekor babi  >:(

                                                                 group photo before leaving the salon cos we're camhos like that lol

The end result! I swear the photos don't do my hair justice >:(
The colours didn't turn out as well as I wanted them to, most prolly cos the hairstylist was too lazy to bleach my hair twice. He only bleached once okay! What, bleach powder very expensive isit? I paid Rm150 kay!And the colour faded so much after only TWO WASHES! Now it looks like its 3 month-old and I look like one of those lalas who got no money to go for colour touch up.


I only went there cos it was supposed to be cheap and the hairstylist was Ken's ex lo, so he was sorta our friend. So went there happily to do hair, but then he started arguing with Ken, and it was so awkward kay! There was also shouting involved. Can don't like that when I'm there ah? -___-The next time I'm going back to Snips. Or Kimarie. Hmph.

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