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Monday, February 25, 2013


The much,much,MUCH awaited Pierce The Veil x Sleeping with Sirens gig finally happened! It took place on the 17th Feb at Chin Woo stadium(wtf damn chinese right, I imagined Kellin Quinn saying it in his angmoh accent LOL). Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined ever seeing them LIVE. Especially here. Here, as in Malaysia. The hellhole where no great bands ever come to perform. Maybe its because Malaysia's censorship board has a way of pissing off almost every celeb that actually bothers to come here. Remember Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet tour here back in 2004? PAS protested the concert, saying that her appearance would 'encourage moral degradation' among youths. 

Then there was the Linkin Park show back in 2007, where apparently they weren't allowed to jump on stage  or something. Like wtf, you cannot ask people not to jump at a rock show eh! How can you expect people or bands to come back here? Pfffttt.

So obviously I was super thrilled when I heard PTVxSWS is coming. Especially SWS. I've been following them for quite long eh! I think my happiness was equivalent to that of an infertile woman who suddenly found out that she is pregnant. With TWINS LOL. Needless to say I bought tix and quickly looked for someone to go with me. I got Johanna to go with me and her daddy played driver x bodyguard. So cute haha. And I still went despite my sprained ankle. Sprained ankle because I HAD to go fall down a week before the show and two days before CNY. FML or notttt?? The falling-down thing happened at Old Town nearby where I work, so fugging embarassing okay.  Anyway I die-die wanted to go to the concert cos 1, I already bought tickets, and 2, its once in a lifetime man.

So I went, and it was, without a question, awesome. and orgasmic. or awegasmic if you will. Vic and Kellin both sound good live, just as they do on recording. Showmanship was awesome as well! My only complain is that the moshers were moshing OUT of the pit. So Jo and I got hit like ALOT okay. Very painful and sticky ughh. My feet got trampled on quite alot also. My poor ankleeeeee. But I guess theres a price to pay to watch an awesome show. Like during The Used's set in Rockaway, it started raining like a bitch and we all got soaked wtf. But it was all so, so worth it.

BTW, photos from PTV x SWS!
The ticket. Look at those faces *drools*

PTV's set

SWS's  set

No selca shots of me cos i felt like I was too old to dress up for gigs haha.

Memphis May Fire is coming next. I might just go ;)

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